Upon Further Review | HoustonProFootball.com January 6, 2006 T.G.I.O. by Bob Hulsey HoustonProFootball.com Thank God It’s Over. If there’s one overriding emotion after the Bush Bowl ended in overtime Sunday, it was that this whole train wreck of a season was finally over. It’s like when the dentist tells you "all done" after performing a … Read more

The 7th Annual Davey Awards

November 10, 2006 The 7th Annual Davey Awards by Dave Sabo HoustonProFootball.com The elite are rewarded, the sorry are exposed and the assclowns are mocked. You know the drill. Midseason MVP, Offense Nominees: Larry Johnson, Peyton Manning, Donovan McNabb, LaDainian Tomlinson And the Davey Award goes to: LaDainian Tomlinson. For the second year in a … Read more

2004 Top 50 v2.0

The War Room | HoustonProFootball.com February 9, 2004 2004 Top 50 v2.0 by Warren DeLuca HoustonProFootball.com Last August, we presented our preseason look at the top five players at each position. We now update that list and see how time has treated our original selections. A few of the underclassmen we thought might come out … Read more

Buying in Bulk

The War Room | HoustonProFootball.com August 8, 2004 Buying in Bulk by Warren DeLuca HoustonProFootball.com Note: This is first in a series of college prospect profiles in preparation for the 2005 NFL Draft next April. This week, we take a look at the top five prospects for the defensive line. Size does matter…at least to … Read more