Greg Jones profiles Greg Jones, RB, Florida State

Texans Pack It in Too Early

GameDay Review | November 22, 2004 Texans Pack It in Too Early by Bob Hulsey The Texans’ much-maligned defense was good, but Green Bay’s equally maligned defense was even better when it mattered. That turned a 13-3 Houston halftime lead into a 16-13 Packer victory, as Ryan Longwell’s 46-yard boot at the buzzer … Read more

Paging Dr. ‘Dre

March 10, 2003 Paging Dr. ‘Dre by Keith Weiland A new favorite has emerged for the Texans’ first round selection. Yes, another one. In a draft with seemingly endless possibilities, nearly all of them still seem reasonable. Trade down, trade up. Draft offense, draft defense. Shutdown corner, fearsome pass rusher. Game-breaking wideout, franchise tackle. … Read more

Sloan Thomas

The War Room | Sloan Thomas Position: Wide Receiver Drafted: Round 7, 211th Overall Height: 6′ 1-1/2" Weight: 203 College: Texas Birthdate: December 22, 1981 NFL Comparison: Frank Sanders Strengths: A product of Klein High School, Thomas returns to the Houston area after four years in Austin. He has the size and build of … Read more

The Dynamic Duo

The Advance Scout | October 29, 2001 The Dynamic Duo by Keith Weiland BLAM! POW! SPLAT! These aren’t the sounds of Batman and Robin fighting crime in Gotham City. These are the sounds of Bryant McKinnie and Joaquin Gonzalez, Miami’s behemoth tackles, fighting defensive linemen and linebackers and throwing them into the turf. … Read more