Mike Patterson

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Defensive Lineman
Mike Patterson

College: Southern Cal
Year: Senior
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 290
Birthday: November 1, 1983

Former USC quarterback Pat Haden made an unusual, yet apt, comparison when discussing his alma mater’s nose tackle: “Mike Patterson is like hair in the sink. He just kind of clogs things up.”

Patterson is a former high school wrestler, and the quick hands, strength, and understanding of how to maximize and use leverage that he used in his wrestling days also benefit him when he grapples with blockers in the trenches. He is adept at penetrating the line to pressure the quarterback and disrupt running plays. Patterson showcased his athleticism last season when he scooped up a UCLA fumble and rumbled 52 yards for a touchdown.

Patterson’s stature, or lack thereof, is his most glaring defect as a pro prospect. He will struggle against taller NFL linemen if the blockers are able to get their hands on him and lock out their longer arms. Patterson has played in a very talented Trojan front four, so he has not drawn as many double teams as a D-lineman of his caliber normally might.

Undersized defensive tackles with traits similar to Patterson’s have succeeded on the nose in the 3-4 defense before, most notably Curley Culp for the Oilers in the 1970s. He may be best suited for a scheme that allows him to stunt and shoot gaps using his quickness.

(profile written by Warren DeLuca


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