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April 25, 2007
by Warren DeLuca

Roy’s 7-Round Mock | Keith’s 1st Round Mock | Warren’s 1st Round Mock

This year’s draft should involve a lot of dancing as teams maneuver to try to get their guy, acquire extra picks, or both. That will likely mean the general managers will be using all of their allotted time for each pick as they work the phones, resulting in a broadcast that could be as painful to watch at times as a certain ‘90s dance craze.

1. JaMarcus Russell, QB, LSU
The last time the Raiders picked first (the 1962 AFL draft) they took Roman Gabriel, another big, strong-armed QB. 2. Calvin Johnson, WR, Georgia Tech
Projecting a trade with the Lions, the Falcons sell out to jump up and grab their local hero. 3. Brady Quinn, QB, Notre Dame
Romeo Crennell listens to former colleague Charlie Weis.  4. Joe Thomas, OT, Wisconsin
The Bucs were very happy with Jerry Wunsch, the last Badger LT they drafted. 5. Gaines Adams, DE, Clemson
Projecting a trade with Arizona thru Atlanta, Matt Millen deftly (for a change) moves down then up to get the guy he wants. 6. Adrian Peterson, RB, Oklahoma
Following a projected trade with Washington, the Bills snatch Peterson before the Vikings can. 7. Amobi Okoye, DT, Louisville
Not an immediate need, but the best player available. 8. Levi Brown, OT, Penn State
After trading with Detroit through Atlanta, rumor has it that Ken Whisenhunt likes Brown better than Thomas anyway. 9. Leon Hall, CB, Michigan
They consider moving down but end up giving Dom Capers another tool with which to work. 10. Patrick Willis, LB, Ole Miss
Projecting a trade with Houston, the Broncos know Willis wouldn’t make it past the 49ers. 11. LaRon Landry, S, LSU
The Niners look to make their secondary a strength. 12. Jamaal Anderson, DE, Arkansas
Following the projected trade down with Buffalo, the Redskins add some speed off the edge. 13. Adam Carriker, DE, Nebraska
Several teams covet this solid all-around D-lineman. 14. Darrelle Revis, CB, Pittsburgh
His stock has been on the rise. 15. Robert Meachem, WR, Tennessee
Via projected trade with Pittsburgh, Jerry’s buying the groceries again, which means lots of wheeling and dealing. 16. Ted Ginn, Jr., WR, Ohio State
The Pack adds a deep threat and will try to pick up a RB later. 17. Michael Griffin, S, Texas
After using their last four #1s on offense, the Jags fill a need at safety. 18. Greg Olsen, TE, Miami
Another weapon for Carson Palmer. 19. Aaron Ross, CB, Texas
They hope he’s a cure for Pacman fever. 20. Marshawn Lynch, RB, California
A replacement for Tiki Barber.  21. Reggie Nelson, FS, Florida
Following a projected trade with Denver, the Texans move down and fill their biggest need. 22. Dwayne Bowe, WR, LSU
After a projected trade with Dallas, Pittsburgh spends its third straight #1 on a target for Ben Roethlisberger. 23. Joe Staley, OT, Central Michigan
The Chiefs move to fill a big hole on their OL. 24. Brandon Merriweather, FS, Miami
They’re confident they have the leadership to keep him in line. 25. Paul Posluszny, LB, Penn State
He fits Eric Mangini’s LB profile. 26. Jon Beason, LB, Miami
The successor to Jeremiah Trotter. 27. Chris Houston, CB, Arkansas
A big area of need. 28. David Harris, LB, Michigan
They love his motor. 29. Lawrence Timmons, LB, Florida State
The Ravens move to replace Adalius Thomas. 30. Steve Smith, WR, USC
Some speed to open things up for LaDainian Tomlinson and Antonio Gates. 31. Alan Branch, DT, Michigan
A great value after a slide due to injury and work ethic concerns. 32. Justin Harrell, DT, Tennessee
Help for a spotty run defense.

Trade details:
– The Lions get a 1st (#8), two 2nds (#39 & 44) and a 3rd (#75) from the Falcons. Then they trade the 1st (#8) and a 2nd (#24) to the Cards for a 1st (#5) and a 3rd (#69).
– The Redskins get a 2nd (#43) for swapping 1sts (#12 for #6) with the Bills. That’s a little pricey but that pick should have some value since there should be some competition for Peterson at that spot.
– The Texans getting a 2nd (#56) and a 3rd (#86) for swapping 1sts (#10 for #21) with the Broncos.
– The Steelers get a 1st (#22), a 2nd (#53), and a 3rd (#87) from the Cowboys for a 1st (#15) and a 3rd (#77).

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