Alan Zemaitis

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Alan Zemaitis

College: Penn State
Year: Senior
Height: 6’2"
Weight: 201
Birthday: August 24, 1982

A recent study has shown that football players suffer enough blows to the head in a single football game to be roughly equivalent to that of experiencing a severe car crash. Yeah, try telling that to Alan Zemaitis. He ought to be an expert on both.

Zemaitis lost control of his car on an icy patch of road in January 2003. After careening into a guardrail, the car flipped twice and slid another 100 feet. Somewhere during this accident, Zemaitis’ head busted through the windshield. Amazingly, Zemaitis found a way to break a back window to escape and call police.

That Zemaitis survived, much less became a standout player for Penn State over the last three years, is the stuff of an M. Night Shymalan film. While he did suffer injuries – the most significant of which were facial fractures to his frontal sinus and orbital bone – the experience seemed to have humbled Zemaitis and made him a more focused player.

And his focus is on playing solid football. For a corner his size, Zemaitis doesn’t suffer from the same fluidity concerns that other tall corners do. He is an intelligent defender who sees the field well and reacts quickly when the ball is in the air. Capable of using his body to play a tough and aggressive style of football, Zemaitis is a willing tackler, not like some corners who will flail an arm to bring a ball carrier down and hope for the best.

Zemaitis is a hard worker who just plays smart football. While he does the right things at the right times, he is prone to suffer momentary lapses in concentration. For a corner who will no doubt play on an island in the NFL, that is a little concerning. It could be worse though. At least Zemaitis still has his head attached.

(profile written by Keith Weiland)

Alan Zemaitis’ 2005 Stats G TCK PBU INT FF FR 11 47 10 5 2 2 Alan Zemaitis Alan Zemaitis Home

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