Will Blackmon

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Will Blackmon

College: Boston College
Year: Senior
Height: 6’0"
Weight: 195
Birthday: October 27, 1984

Will Blackmon does not live his football life inside a test tube, but he has been the subject of a year-long experiment nonetheless. The Boston College senior dedicated the preparation for his final year as an amateur to help his school as a receiver, doing so to jeopardize his development as a cornerback. While the perception might be that Blackmon simply wanted the glory that an offensive player typically receives, the reality is that Blackmon took a big risk to shore up a major deficiency on his college team.

And he was pretty good at it, too, finishing his senior season as the team’s leading receiver with 46 catches for 619 yards. Blackmon won’t be a first day pick though because of his offensive prowess. No, Blackmon has the eyes of NFL scouts because he will be among the best cover corners available in April’s draft.

Blackmon has the size and quickness to stick with the bigger pro receivers in short and medium routes. His time served on the Eagles offense also underscores that he has natural hands as a corner, ones that should help him in creating turnovers.

Cover-2 teams need not apply however. Blackmon lacks some physicality despite his size, and he isn’t particularly strong. He isn’t much of a wrap-up tackler either, as he is more likely the kind that will hang on to a ballcarrier and hope it will be enough to drag him to the turf. While his quickness helps him cover and return kicks, Blackmon also lacks the straightline speed of the elite corner and wideout prospects. He will need safety help when covering deep patterns.

But Blackmon has the athletic ability that most teams will crave. He has the distinction of scoring touchdowns from all over the field, and his big play instincts aren’t easy ones to find. While his experiment on offense may have delayed his progress as a corner prospect, it did give him first-person experience inside the mind of a wide receiver.

(profile written by Keith Weiland)

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