Marcedes Lewis

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Tight End
Marcedes Lewis

College: UCLA
Year: Senior
Height: 6’5"
Weight: 256
Birthday: May 19, 1984

Marcedes is engineered like no other tight end in this draft class. Marcedes Lewis drives past linebackers and powers over safeties to find ways to get open time and time again. He has wide receiver skills in a small forward’s body, and he’ll dunk a few footballs over the crossbars on Sundays.

Lewis has the ability to be a receiving threat in all levels of a passing offense. Those big, soft Bruin paws cuddle most any football thrown his direction. Lewis has the quickness to get separation and the basketball player size to give cover-2 defensive coordinators nightmares. He also leaps like a gym rat, so even the tallest defenders are going to have a hard time keeping a jump ball away from Lewis.

Like any young pass-catching tight end, Lewis needs to improve his blocking technique. He’s too important to an offensive gameplan though to keep around the line of scrimmage for too long. Lewis has an awesome, athletic frame, but he could really benefit from more time lifting weights in an NFL training room.

Lewis had knocks on him early in his college career for lapses in concentration, but he seemed to mature as a junior. Coaches have always liked how Lewis competes and learns on the fly. Lewis is also a good character-type that will not embarrass an owner shelling out first round money for his services in 2006.

(profile written by Keith Weiland)

Marcedes Lewis’ 2004 Stats G CTH YDS AVG TD 12 32 402 12.6 7 Marcedes Lewis Marcedes Lewis Home

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