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What if Bud had stayed? Would Houston be awash in Super Bowl glory?
TToo little, too lateT

Because the Titans used to be the Oilers, and because the Oilers used to call Houston home, the staff of Houston Pro Football individually wrestled with their thoughts, emotions, regrets and pent-up frustration in order to form an approximate idea of how they feel as the Titans/Oilers prepare for their first-ever Super Bowl.

Just Desserts?
Bob can’t help but wonder why the fans of Tennessee get to reap the rewards of our many years of suffering.

End of An Era
Jimmy says the Oilers we used to know and love (and hate), are now dead, having been replaced by a team capable of making plays when it counts.

Finish What Ya Started
Tennessee’s march to the Super Bowl began in Houston, and for that reason alone, Mike will be pulling for the Titans to get it done.

Super Bowl, By George
In watching Tennessee roll the playoffs, Pat now knows why the Oilers always failed in the postseason.

Same Old, Same Old
Ric watched the Titans’ victory, soaked in their post-game celebration, and had the same reaction as he did watching the Rams’ triumph — he yawned.

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