Terrell Suggs

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Defensive End
Terrell Suggs
Arizona State
Year: Junior
Height: 6’4″
Weight: 235
Birthday: October 11, 1982

Strengths: Terrell Suggs is an energetic, playmaking force on the football field.

As a true freshman, Suggs recorded a team-high 10 sacks and scored two touchdowns, one on an interception, the other on a fumble recovery. He recovered two additional fumbles and forced four more. Former ASU head coach Bruce Snyder warned it might represent Suggs’ “worst” season before all is said and done.

Suggs followed his All-American Freshman campaign with a very good, but not great, performance in 2001. He recorded 10 more sacks, but wasn’t the dominant, game-changing terror he had been the previous year. Much of that, though, had to do with a mediocre supporting cast as teams began to focus on ways to slow Suggs down, a credit to how good he was in 2000.

A tireless worker, Suggs has been known to call camp “fun,” and coaches love his enthusiasm for the game. It’s apparently infectious, as teammates simply love playing with him.

Areas for Concern: At just 235 pounds last year, Suggs is small by defensive end standards; last year, some offenses were able to neutralize him with just their tight end. Thus, his biggest priority will be to bulk up (and to that end, he’s reportedly added 10 pounds to his frame this spring). And that’ll help in his run defense, which is not near up to par with his pass rushing skills.

Also, and this is a small concern, Suggs is a prolific talker; he jaws non-stop on the football field and comes across, right or wrong, as both cocky and a bit selfish (his goal last year was to record 20 sacks… oh, yeah, and win, of course). But since he won’t even turn 20 until October, it’s likely a sign of impetuous youth more than it is some character flaw, and not a terrific concern. Besides, would anyone really have a problem with their best player ringing up 20 sacks…?

How Would He Look in Steel Blue? Awesome, but let’s not get ahead ourselves…

Because he started as a true freshman, Suggs is still only 19, which is really amazing when you consider all he’s accomplished thus far, and would likely benefit greatly from staying in school all four years.

That’ll give him time to not only refine his skills and mature a bit, but also, more importantly, hit the weight room and fill out his frame. At 6’4″, he has a lot to work with and could use 15-20 additional pounds.

(profile written by Ric Sweeney


Terrell Suggs’ 2001 Stats G TCK TFL SKS FF FR INT 11 42 18 10 4 0 0

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