Jerome McDougle

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Defensive End
Jerome McDougle
Year: Senior
Height: 6’4"
Weight: 271
Birthday: December 15, 1978

Strengths: Jerome McDougle may be the nation’s best pure pass rusher.

In his first season with Miami (after transferring from Hinds Junior College), McDougle racked up seven sacks and 48 quarterback hurries for the national champion Hurricanes. He also forced three fumbles, intercepted a pass (which he returned for a touchdown) and recorded 14 tackles behind the line of scrimmage.

McDougle has the speed to blow by linemen, but also possesses the strength and agility to work through blocks, making him a productive run stopper, too. Coaches have praised his work ethic and his desire to improve, and at 23, they love McDougle’s maturity.

And don’t forget, last year, McDougle practiced everyday against one of the nation’s best offensive lines, giving him the chance to refine his pass rush moves, which some think are among the best in the nation.

Areas for Concern: McDougle’s only played one year of Division I football, which means he has a ways to go before he’s a complete player. On the plus side, people aren’t exactly walking in off the street and starting at Miami, so he’s obviously already really, really good, but his inexperience would have to rate as a bit of a concern.

Of course, three schools in 4 years would also have to rate somewhat high on the concern meter, too, but as we understand it, there’s nothing really to be too terribly alarmed about.

McDougle originally signed on to play for Pittsburgh State but was unhappy with his lack of playing time as a freshman. He jumped to Hinds Junior College in Mississippi, which is one of the top JUCO programs in the country, and tore that league apart. Shortly thereafter, Miami came calling with a scholarship offer.

How Would He Look in Steel Blue? Smashing. Glancing over the roster, the Texans could use, on paper, at least, a definitive pass rushing end, and McDougle certainly fits the bill. The question is whether the Texans lack one by design?

Houston has seemingly cornered the market on wide, versatile linemen who can play both inside and outside (ala Gary Walker) and, traditionally, sacks and quarterback pressures in a Dom Capers defense have come from the outside linebacker, not the defensive end.

Scheme aside, McDougle may prove too talented to pass on, as he projects to be a high first round pick, another in a long line of great Miami defensive linemen.

(profile written by Ric Sweeney)

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