Kirk Morrison

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Inside Linebacker
Kirk Morrison

College: San Diego State
Year: Senior
Height: 6’2″
Weight: 240
Birthday: February 19, 1982

According to the San Diego State coaching staff, Kirk Morrison’s greatest assets are not his size, speed, and strength, but his eyes and his brain. The Aztec coaches rave about what they refer to as Morrison’s “fast eyes” – his ability to observe a move by the opposing offense, process that information, diagnose the play, and get into position to stop it.

Morrison’s physical skills aren’t bad, either. He is powerfully built and an explosive tackler, often able to jar the ball loose with his violent hits. Morrison has the agility and speed to drop into coverage and run down ballcarriers on the flanks. He also possesses a natural charisma and is not only the leader of the Aztec defense, but of the entire team. A starter at middle linebacker since early in his redshirt freshman season, Morrison is the franchise player for a program that rebuilt itself around defense.

Morrison needs to improve getting off blocks as he has trouble when blockers get to his body. He can also get too aggressive at time, overrunning the play when he sees an opportunity to throw the offense for a big loss.

Morrison would thrive in a linebacker-centered defensive scheme like the Texans’ 3-4, and Dom Capers would love an inside linebacker with the combination of football intelligence and physical abilities that Morrison brings to the game.

(profile written by Warren DeLuca


Kirk Morrison’s 2003 Stats G TCK TFL SKS FF FR 12 115 17 3.5 4 2 Kirk Morrison Kirk Morrison Home

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