Karlos Dansby

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Outside Linebacker
Karlos Dansby
Year: Senior
Weight: 230
Birthday: November 3, 1981

Strengths: Karlos Dansby still believes that he could be a heck of a wide receiver. Dansby chose to go to Auburn rather than Alabama in large part because the Tigers told that he could be a wideout, while the Tide wanted him on defense. When he arrived at Auburn, however, he soon found himself lining up at safety, and eventually moved down to strongside linebacker in the Tigers’ 4-3 scheme.

Dansby still has the agility and speed of a receiver, which allows him to make plays all over the field. He has a giant wingspan and uses his long arms to fend off blockers; few quarterbacks can throw over his head with any kind of accuracy when Dansby combines his 6’5” height with his NBA-quality leaping ability.

As might be expected of a former wideout, Danbsy drops into coverage as well as any linebacker in college football. In Auburn’s win over LSU last year, he tipped a pass in the backfield while rushing the passer and then pulled it down for an interception. He picked off another pass later in the game when he cut in front of the intended receiver deep in Auburn territory and ran it back 60 yards.

Areas of Concern: Dansby needs to add some bulk to his lanky frame. The general consensus on playing Dansby is to run right at him in order to neutralize his speed. He struggles to take on blockers who are able to get to his body because he lacks the strength to do so.

Dansby also has a tendency to take risks, gambling that he can make the big play but at the same time leaving himself susceptible to giving up the big one. He can get away with this more at the college level than he will be able to against NFL competition.

How Would He Look in Steel Blue? A key element of Dom Capers’ zone blitz scheme is the confusion that it creates in the minds of the offense; the opponent can never be sure if a particular defensive player is going to rush or drop into coverage. Dansby’s cover skills would be a definite asset in the Texans’ defense as Capers and Vic Fangio could use him many different ways. Dansby has the speed to develop into a pass rusher after he spends some more time in the weight room to get strong enough to take on NFL offensive tackles.

(profile written by Warren DeLuca


Karlos Dansby’s 2002 Stats G TCK TFL SACK FF FR INT 12 75 10 4.0 2 2 3

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