Jonathan Scott

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Offensive Lineman
Jonathan Scott

College: Texas
Year: Senior
Height: 6’6"
Weight: 312
Birthday: January 10, 1983

One of the most underrated traits of a quality left tackle is the ability to think on his feet. Jonathan Scott recognizes defensive line stunts and zone blitzes and makes sure that he picks up the right player to protect his quarterback’s blind side. He plays with very sound technique and only gave up one sack as a junior.

He also has the physical tools to excel at the position. Scott is very light on his feet for a big man. He has the long arms to keep defenders from getting their hands on him and the frame to carry even more weight as he continues to mature. Scott long snapped in high school and is the Longhorns’ backup in that capacity, so he may be able to save a roster spot for his NFL team like Bruce Matthews did for much of his career.

Scott needs to continue working in the weight room to get stronger. He is effective in the running game, and especially adept at pulling and hitting a moving target, but he is not a dominating drive blocker.

Scott’s smarts should help him through many of the challenges that offensive linemen typically face when thrown into the lineup as rookies. He has a chance to develop into a top NFL left tackle in time.

(profile written by Warren DeLuca)

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