Reggie Bush

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Running Back
Reggie Bush

College: Southern California
Year: Junior
Height: 6’0"
Weight: 200

Reggie Bush is not some creation of EA Sports, a collection of pixels moving across the screen on the whim of a programmer with an addiction to caffeine and a predilection for defensive chaos. No, Bush is made of flesh and bones like the rest of us. It’s tough to separate the virtual from the reality though when a player like this can zip as well as he can zig and zag.

And don’t just evaluate Bush as a running back either, though he might prefer that you do. Bush’s value to the USC machine comes in the shape-shifting form of versatility. Rushing, receiving, returning, check them all off the list. Heck, Bush is liable to cock his arm to launch a pass, too. His 2,330 all-purpose yards in 2004 were the most by a Trojan since a fellow named Marcus Allen in 1981.

Bush reminds his head coach, Pete Carroll, of Gale Sayers. In today’s NFL, Bush’s duality as both a rusher and a receiver will also cause many to compare him to Marshall Faulk. Averaging 180 yards of offense per game in 2004, the hyperbole for comparison seems limitless for Bush.

With a slender figure for a workhorse back at the next level, Bush’s midsection is lacking an apparent thickness that several of his peers possess. Having shared the rushing load with LenDale White, there will be questions as to how explosive Bush can remain when he is the focal point of an offensive attack. Those concerns didn’t downgrade either Ronnie Brown or Carnell Williams in the 2005 draft, but physicality is more a concern with Bush than it ever was with either of those two top five picks.

Thought of as an outside rusher, Bush is capable of running between the tackles if he can keep his hands suctioned to the football. Bush struggled through fumble problems in 2004, and if he doesn’t learn to grip the ball a bit tighter, he’ll quickly find he won’t be gripping it all. Still, for a player nicknamed “The President”, Bush’s campaign for a high pick in the NFL Draft ought to result in a landslide. From then, it will be up to his new handlers to make sure his unique talents fit a creative gameplan tailored to maximize his potential.

(profile written by Keith Weiland)

Reggie Bush’s 2004 Stats G CAR YDS AVG TD 13 143 908 6.3 6 Reggie Bush Reggie Bush Home

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