Greg Blue

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Greg Blue

College: Georgia
Year: Senior
Height: 6’2"
Weight: 214
Birthday: March 12, 1982

Members of the Blue Man Group are known for their muted performances and percussive hits. Is it just a coincidence then that, minus the face paint, safety Greg Blue also lets his hitting do all the talking for him, too? Probably, but consider that while one makes a name for itself by striking oversized pipes, the other has made a name for himself by striking ballcarriers as if he were a lead pipe.

An intimidating presence in the middle of the field, Blue is a sculpted cruise missile locked and ready to unload. Better suited for zone play, Blue can read and react to the play, then unleash his fury onto anyone who trespasses his space. A torn PCL in his right knee before the 2003 season appears to be the only significant injury he has suffered, and his play since recovering from the tear suggests it ought to be of little concern heading into the draft.

Blue’s clues then suggest that he is a prospect more likely to go for the big hit, to play with reckless fervor in making a tackle. Suggestion noted, as Blue’s style of play has been quite effective, highlighted by his three forced fumbles in the 2004 season. Blue is over-aggressive at times though. He became less of a gambler as his game matured at Georgia, but make no mistake, Blue is a hitter first and a tackler second. Sure, he’ll whiff a few of them, but he’ll also make a few of them for SportsCenter, too.

Blue is okay in coverage – he has good range – but he will be drafted to become an asset in run support, not to bolster a soft pass defense. Blue will get burned sometimes. It took him until his senior season to nab his first interception. Some scouts wonder, given Blue’s tenacious play and ho-hum deep play, if he would be better served bulking up and playing linebacker in the NFL, but Blue’s progress as a safety in college ought to be enough of a clue that he can make it as a safety in the pros.

(profile written by Keith Weiland)

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