Roy Williams

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Roy Williams
Year: Junior
Height: 6’0"
Weight: 221
Birthday: August 14, 1980

Strengths: Roy Williams may very well be the best player on Oklahoma’s remarkable defense. And he’s just a junior.

Big enough to possibly play LB, and certainly tough enough, Williams is a ferocious hitter who reads the run well and actively participates in stopping it. Williams is also a sure tackler, and a force even against bigger blockers.

On passing plays, Williams has excellent instincts, enough speed and the power to jam smaller, weaker receivers at the line of scrimmage. He’s also a ferocious competitor who looks forward to the challenge of shutting down top wide receivers.

Areas of concern: Williams is quick, but not especially fast (4.55/40)… uhm… we’re struggling here to come up with things — Williams is a terrific prospect with room to grow. In fact, he could have the highest upside of anybody in the country.

Is he sponge-worthy?: Yes. Mel Kiper thinks Williams is one of the five best prospects in the nation, regardless of position, and he’s not the only one singing Williams’ praises.

Of course, there’s no way the Texans will build any aspect of their game around a safety, so he’s certainly not going to be the team’s first pick, even if they trade down (unless the sign two stud DT’s and a stud MLB in free agency, and Houston decides to finish it’s strong up-the-middle defense), and there’s no way he’ll fall into the second round.

Which is too bad, because Williams will likely be a stud in the NFL, with the potential to possibly impact and disrupt games the same way Ronnie Lott used to in San Francisco. He’s that talented.

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