Jashon Sykes

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Jashon Sykes
Year: Senior
Height: 6’3"
Weight: 230
Birthday: September 25, 1979

Strengths: Jashon Sykes is an amazing athlete with tremendous instincts, quickness and a motor that never quits. Colorado invented a position for him (called "Hawk") that essentially allows him to roam the field, sideline-from-sideline, blitzing the quarterback, covering backs out of the backfield — in short, it puts on full display the depth of Sykes’ limitless talent. This spring, the team even tinkered with playing him at end in passing situations, anything to take advantage of his tremendous physical gifts.

Quick with natural skills, Sykes is a warrior on the field who’s fast enough to cover as much ground as needed. He’s a good tackler and pursues the ball well, and when he’s on, is talented enough to turn a game around.

Areas of concern: Sykes doesn’t dominate linemen, in fact, they can overpower him, especially if they run right at him, where his strength and lack of balance can be exploited. He also has a rep for being selfish and can get a bit carried away with his on-the-field celebrations, drawing the ire of opponents.

After a dominating sophomore season, Sykes, even by his own admission, struggled in 2000 (it was such a disappointment, scouts urged him not to leave school early). Once a playmaker (he forced seven fumbles in 1999), Sykes didn’t force a single turnover last year.

He developed a disturbing trend of disappearing in a games, which cost him a start last year against A&M. He often overran plays and got himself out of position to make plays. One scout said he played cautiously. All and all, it was a giant step backwards.

Is he sponge-worthy?: The Jashon Sykes of 1999? Yes, no question about it. Unfortunately, Sykes hurt himself with an off-year in 2000 and, needing a bounce back campaign this season, herniated a disk in his back a week ago, which will likely cost him the season. Fusion surgery is being planned, and his career could be in jeopardy.

Thus far, Sykes has handled the injury well, all things considered, even helping his replacement get ready for his first game and traveling with the team to Kansas. If he can recover, and have a strong workout in Indianapolis… no one’s ever doubted his talent level. But he has a long road back.

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