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Quarterback Chris Simms
Year: Junior
Height: 6’5"
Birthday: August 29, 1980

Strengths: Chris Simms has an NFL pedigree (his father is Phil Simms, former Super Bowl MVP) and a cannon on his left shoulder. He possess all the physical skills necessary to become a pro signal caller. He’s shown both his maturity in handling Major Applewhite’s presence, and early leadership by helping Texas land three of the nation’s top WR recruits in 2000.

Simms has it all: he’s big, his arm is strong, his vision is tremendous, he’s smart, poised, cocky, good-looking… he might be a tad behind schedule, and thus, not yet living up to his expectations, but that could change dramatically this year.

Areas of concern: Mainly, playing time, as Simms has been Applewhite’s back-up. That, and he doesn’t get to play A&M every week.

The back-up status changes this year, and Simms has looked fantastic in spring drills thus far. According to some of his coaches, his greatest weakness right now is patience. He’s a big strike quarterback, and it’s taken him time to develop the underneath game, looking for secondary receivers and releasing the ball quicker. But from all accounts, he has improved greatly in those areas.

Simms isn’t much of a scrambler, and is a bit laborious in setting up his throws, making him an easy target in the pocket. He knows how to avoid the rush, but can get flustered. You’d like to think he’ll grow out of that as his confidence increases, and most think it will.

Is he sponge-worthy? Definitely, only question is when. He’s stated already that he intends to return to Texas for his senior season, but that’s likely to change if he has one of those, "Hello, football world!" kind of seasons, which he’s certainly capable of. And while a year of extra seasoning would probably do Simms a world of good, don’t forget — the kid has football in his blood.

One of Bill Polian’s reasons for picking Peyton Manning over Ryan Leaf (which, believe it or not, was not that easy a choice back then) was Peyton’s pedigree — he grew up learning, breathing and living football with his QB dad, Archie. So it’d be foolish to downplay Simms’ relationship with his own NFL dad. Does it guarantee success? Of course not. But it’s likely he’s more football-savvy than most spot junior starters in the nation.

Whenever he decides to come out, Houston should have a legitimate shot at him, and would likely take the bait. Simms has sky’s the limit potential, and he’d give Chris Palmer a chance to earn his paycheck.

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