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Quarterback Kurt Kittner
Year: Senior
Height: 6’2"
Birthday: January 23, 1980

Strengths: Big, yet surprisingly athletic, Kurt Kittner’s been excelling in a pro-style offense at Illinois for three years, proving he not only has the skills, but also the smarts.

In two years as a full-time starter, Kittner’s thrown 42 touchdowns and only 13 interceptions. And when he’s done with the 2001 season, Kittner (who has been compared favorably to John Elway) will have been a three-year starter with five more starts as a freshman, meaning he’s likely to be the most experienced, and thus, most NFL-ready quarterback available next year.

Kittner has the talent to stretch a defense, but the patience to go underneath. He’s not tall, but he is stocky and well-built, a thick quarterback who does his homework.

Areas of concern: Kittner regressed a bit in 2000, due in large part to losing his favorite receiver, Brandon Lloyd, to injury (he should return this year). He also suffered a nasty concussion in the Illini’s next-to-last game, forcing him to miss a start, and he struggled in other starts with a banged-up knee. Could he be injury-prone?

Is he sponge-worthy? Could be, but likely isn’t first overall good. Kittner had trouble last year duplicating the numbers from his impressive 1999 season, and thus, while still putting together a productive season, went from preseason Heisman hopeful to run-of-the-mill quarterback prospect. But reports say that Kittner was absolutely on fire during the Illini’s spring workouts, and a big, breakout season could put him back in Heisman contention.

The spring showing should come as no surprise — Kittner has a tremendous work ethic, and a willingness to recognize, and then work on his weaknesses (i.e. he’s very coachable).

His biggest knock is that he doesn’t do any one thing really well — his arm is OK, his speed is OK — in other words, he’s not flashy in a Michael Vick kind of way. But he’s very patient, and rarely makes mistakes. In looking at his pro prospects, think Brian Griese, but with a bit more raw athleticism. If he slides to a later round (say, the third), he could prove to be a diamond in the rough, though he doesn’t have prototypical NFL size.

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