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Defensive Tackle
William Joseph
Year: Junior
Height: 6’5"
Weight: 290
Birthday: September 9, 1979

Strengths: William Joseph isn’t talked about a lot, he’s a bit of a sleeper, but scouts believe he has the talent and skill to be among the best defensive linemen to ever play at Miami, quite an accomplishment when you consider how many top notch defensive linemen the school has produced over the years.

Joseph played defensive end in 1999, and terrorized Big East opponents. Last year, he was moved inside to tackle, and didn’t miss a beat, developing his pass rush (6 sacks and 17 QB hurries). He has wonderful athleticism and the speed necessary to chase down an opponent.

He hasn’t yet learned the intricacies of firing off the ball, but has good balance and terrific footwork that allow him to make up for any shortcomings. He’s a guy likely talented enough to play either tackle or end on the pro level, a multifaceted player with a big upside.

Areas of concern: Joseph is not an accomplished pass rusher yet — he hasn’t mastered the small details, like how to use his hands and leverage to gain the advantage over his opponent. And you can double-team Joseph and neutralize him to a degree. Fighting off and through blocks is still a trouble spot.

Joseph also lacks explosive quickness. He’s fast, but it takes time for him to get moving. That lack of a quick first step is a concern, as he’ll need it to get around NFL linemen.

Is he sponge-worthy?: According to TFY Draft Preview, Joseph grades out higher than last year’s 12th overall pick, former teammate Damione Lewis. He’s an excellent run stopper who needs to hone his pass rushing skills. But the tools are all there, and scouts believe he has enormous potential.

At this time, Joseph isn’t sponge-worthy, but that likely won’t be the case a year from now. A quiet guy who’s well liked by his teammates, Joseph is a player worth keeping an eye on.

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