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Wide Receiver
Ron Johnson
Year: Senior
Height: 6’3"
Birthday: May 23, 1980
40 Time: 4.5-ish

Strengths: Ron Johnson has good-sized hands and tremendous strength for a wide receiver, and uses them both to often take the ball away from defenders. He’s not afraid to go across the middle, and with his size, can take the big hit and keep going. Those traits have earned him comparisons to another recent Big 10 stud, David Terrell. ESPN‘s Mel Kiper has compared Johnson to the Vikings’ Cris Carter.

Johnson has a tendency to make things happen whenever he touches the football. Last year, he averaged 20 or more yards a catch in four different games and broke the 100-yard barrier five times altogether. Perhaps most impressive, Johnson hung a combined 14 catches and 274 yards on 2001 draftees Nate Clements and Jamar Fletcher, considered by many the two best corners in the nation last year.

A three-year starter, Gopher coaches have noticed Johnson improving with each game, a wonderful sign his skills are still growing and maturing. He works hard and doesn’t mind doing the little things, like blocking and running decoy routes, to help his team win.

Areas of concern: Speed. There seems to be no consensus Some publications list Johnson as "average" while others label him "blazing." The NFL is absolutely obsessed with speed, so Johnson will likely need a strong combine showing to quell any doubts about his wheels.

In general, scouts would like to see receivers turn in 4.55 or faster 40’s. Johnson is right on the edge at 4.5. It could hurt him.

Is he sponge-worthy?: Not likely, unless he somehow falls into the second round. Right now, he’s the best senior wide receiver in the country and likely a mid-to-late first round lock.

And that’s too bad — a guy like Johnson would be a nice addition to an expansion team because he can out jump and out muscle most defenders for the ball, meaning you don’t need a Dan Marino under center for him to be effective. He’ll likely be a very good NFL receiver for a very long time… he just won’t be a Texan.

But tha’s probably for the best becayse his dad, Ron, Sr., won two Super Bowl rings in 1978 and ’79 as a Steeler. Homey don’t play that in H-town. Renfro was robbed!

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