Quentin Jammer

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Quentin Jammer
Year: Senior
Height: 6’0"
Weight: 198
Birthday: June 16, 1979

Strengths: There is not a cornerback in this nation who hits harder than Quentin Jammer. A converted safety, Jammer is a big, physical corner who loves to dish it out, and how often do you hear that about a cornerback? He may very well be the most complete player at his position.

Jammer, physically, is the ideal corner: he’s tall (5’11"1/2 at least, some list him at 6’1"), thick (197 lbs.), strong (bench presses 365) and has long arms that allow him to bump his man at the line of scrimmage and, of course, deflect passes with ease. Last year, he broke up 20, third most in school history.

Full of confidence, Jammer will come in and play the run without hesitation, which is good, because it gives him something to do on Saturdays since most teams are now throwing away from his side of the field. When they do bother to look Jammer’s way, they’ll see him knock his man hard at the line of scrimmage turn, and then run, step-for-step, with him down field.

Areas of concern: There’s mild concern about Jammer’s speed — he’s quicker than he is fast. His fastest 40 was 4.5. Scouts would like to see him in the 4.4’s. Jammer is also still very raw at the corner. He began life in Austin as a safety, then lost the 1999 season to injury, so last year was his first on the corner. At times, he had trouble locating the football and at other times, got lost in his spacing, but that’s to be expected. As a safety, the play unfolds in front of you; on the corner, it happens behind you, so he struggled with that adjustment.

He’s still relying too much on his physical skills and needs to learn his craft — how to read routes, look-offs, technique, etc. Again, with more practice and experience, most expect these things to correct themselves. Of course, with his reputation, he’s not challenged much on Saturdays.

Is he sponge-worthy?: Yes. Jammer’s the best cornerback in the country, a blanket capable of shutting down any WR in the nation. He needs to refine his skills, but few doubt he will — again, he’s only had one full year at the corner.

Jammer is excellent in man-to-man coverage and practices everyday against, arguably, the best group of receivers in the country. He’s big, physical, strong, overflowing with confidence and moving up the 2002 draft board. Guys with his physical attributes don’t come along very often, and, barring injury, he’s assured to go in the top 10, if not higher.

There’s some talk Jammer might play safety in the NFL, and there’s certainly no question that he could, but most believe he’ll be a wonderful NFL corner. Still ,as we’ve noted with other prospects, that kind of flexibility on a team with no roster is a big plus.

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