The Armchair Quarterback “A Fan is Born” by Keith Miller

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The Armchair Quarterback
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The Beginning…
The Oilers’ 37-year stay in Houston brought generations of fans together. Chris Diem looks forward to the process repeating itself, beginning in 2002. 

While I may still root for the Titans (mind you, that passion has gone down some since the Super Bowl and the return to normal), I, for one, am looking forward to 2002 for obvious reasons, and also for some not so obvious ones.

So what the heck, here we go.

Many of you had the chance to be a fan of the Houston Oilers from day 1, way back in 1960. You’ve seen the ups (all 5 or 6 of them) and the endless downs and still went for them. I was born a little to late for that and have only been aware of the Oilers since 1987 (not bad for a kid). So to me, the Oilers were Warren Moon, Alonzo Highsmith, Allen Pinkett, Lorenzo White, big Dough Smith and the fab four (both with Hill and Slaughter). And while I enjoyed those days, I never got to personally see Earl, Pastorini or Stabler in action, something I wish I had been able to do (not like it was my fault, or anything). 

But getting to the point, it will be a great thing for all of us in 30 years, or whenever, to look back and remember where you were when you heard football was coming back to Houston, when you first heard the name Bob McNair, when Charley Casserly was hired, when you were debating what the team should be called — all opportunities that are something special to me and I’m sure many others. We’ll be able to talk about that first team in 2002 and how the rejects, rookies and big money bribes all came together to get 5 wins, which was more than the Browns way back in 1999. Not to get emotional, but this is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity for us.

And then there’s the other stuff. I JUST MISS FOOTBALL IN HOUSTON!!!!!! I’m tired of the Cowboys being Houston’s “team .” It’s annoying that my little cousins, born in 1991 and 1995, are growing up as Cowboy fans. The 8-year old has Cowboys clothes and wants to know why I don’t like the Cowboys. When I tell him it’s because I was a die hard Oilers fan, which means you didn’t go for the Cowboys, he doesn’t really get it. When I tell him when he was 3, the Oilers should have gone to the big game, he just says wow and goes on with business.

Its an absolute shame, and that why its great to have football back in Houston. To get to be here for the beginning, and for no other reason, than to prevent a new wave of Cowboys fans in Houston.

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