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For any questions, concerns or complaints you might have about the site, please contact our webmaster. Come to think of it, if you have a complaint, it’s likely related to something Dave‘s written, so please contact him directly. We should also note that we are not affiliated with the actual Texan franchise, so please don’t ask us about jobs, season tickets or tryouts… unless you’re a cheerleader. Ric will handle those inquiries personally. With that out of the way, here’s the hard-working staff…

Ric Sweeney

Warren DeLuca is one of a handful of people who can honestly say that he attended the infamous "Save Our Oilers" rally at Houston City Hall in December 1994. He is also one of the few of his generation who would describe the late draft expert Joel Buchsbaum as "cool."

Warren currently lives in College Station, battling his Cowboy fan wife for the NFL loyalty of their young son.

NFL Draft: The War Room | Contact Warren

Bob Hulsey

Bob Hulsey has had writings published in newspapers, magazines and on the internet, including "This Week In Astros History" for For, Bob has authored the series Pro Log: From George To George, the story of Houston’s past professional football ventures and now contributes the column Upon Further Review. He bleeds orange, but swears that lately some of it has been Battle Red.

Upon Further Review | Contact Bob

Jimmy Mohr

Jimmy Mohr would have sold his mother into slavery if it would have guaranteed an Oiler victory. He’s the ultimate fan, unable to communicate during games, save for his frantic taunts and challenges to officials to meet him after the game in the parking lot.

He’s also the only man known to have actually drawn an offensive charging call in a high school basketball game. It was a flop even Karl Malone would have applauded.

Contact Jimmy

Dave Sabo

Dave Sabo is an Archivist with the National Archives and Records Administration. A native of Spring, TX, he is a Texans season ticket holder and currently resides in Frederick, MD, making EVERY game a road trip.

He’d like to inform all Cryboy fans that he will no longer be responding to their whining e-mails individually as it has become both tiresome and time consuming. Instead they will be directed here where they can read his stock reply: "September 8, 2002 – Texans 19, Cryboys 10. Eat it, losers!"

The Armchair Quarterback | Contact Dave

Ric Sweeney

Ric Sweeney is convinced that no "Greatest Inventions of All-Time" list is complete without the inclusion of the NFL Ticket on DirectTV, which he would make love to if it was at all possible, which, he can personally confirm, is not.

And for the record, his other top inventions, in no paticular order, are: TiVO, Madden 2005 and Sir Alexander Fleming’s discovery of Penicillin.

Quick Slant | Contact Ric

Keith Weiland

Keith Weiland kept busy from the final Oilers game to the first Texans scrimmage. He found a job, got married, had a baby and wrote a novel.

In addition to churning out front page stories and feature articles for, Keith enjoys eating PEZ candy, listening to 80’s music and penning haikus about TiVo. He is hardly at work on next novel, the Texans Unofficial Cap Page, and his next article.

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