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April 4, 2006
VY for Vendetta Yearly

by Keith Weiland

Settle down, Vince Young fans. The Texans are drafting Reggie Bush with their first overall pick in this month’s draft, and there is nothing you can do to stop them. Bush is your future, and this time there’s no butterfly ballots in Florida to blame.

You’ve done well, though. Touting the talents of Houston’s shining star, you have given us an offseason worth waiting for the draft. Like a politician having to appease a vocal constituency, the Texans have had to dance around some touchy topics the past few months. I, for one, have enjoyed the performance.

The Texans have had to balance their $24.5 million allegiance to a quarterback with a 16-43 record as a starter while trying to appear at least mildly interested in VY. Good show!

They have also had to avoid feeling like hypocrites when saying that it feels good to hire a native Houstonian as their head coach, while at the same time dismissing the feel-goodness of drafting another native Houstonian to play quarterback. Dance, I say, dance!

Bravo, VY fans. But the curtains won’t be closed on the stage for too long. You know as do I that the Texans ought to beware of what they might be creating.

You fear that, after the Texans consummate their selection of Bush, they will have committed a monstrosity; the Texans will have created a monster.

Monsters are made in such a fashion, aren’t they? Deep down, they are simply people misunderstood by the rest of us. Same goes for VY. He has been at once breathtaking and life giving on a football field. But because he has no resembling pro predecessor, translating his unique abilities to the NFL’s game is at best a murky endeavor.

He’s different, so keep him away. First scorned, then a monster reborn. That’s how it usually goes, right?

But for VY, while there is no certainty, there is opportunity. Whether through the air or on the ground, he has always found a way to make things happen. You are wise to see that none of that will change when he dons an NFL jersey and starts playing on Sundays.

Remember, remember the sixth of November 2004. VY’s Longhorns were playing at Oklahoma State, trailing 35-7 with less than two minutes to play in the first half. What followed is now legend. Riding simply the uncompromising will of a winner, Young carried his Longhorns to a comeback of epic proportions, scoring on his final seven drives and winning comfortably, 56-35.

Fluke, it was not. Young was a phoenix stuck on repeat during his time with the Longhorns, most notably in his two subsequent Rose Bowl appearances. So while the Texans may very well burn him in Act I, you know VY will rise from these flames before the show is over.

The true intrigue of this draft then is no longer what will happen with the first pick; rather, it is what will happen with the third. Just offstage, lurking in the shadows, are the Nashvillains, twirling their mustaches, contemplating their next move.

Here is a terrorizing thought: VY with a vendetta.

VY and the Titans make quite a synonymous pair, don’t they? Both expatriated Houstonians, returning annually with something to prove each time.

VY is not one to go quietly into the night. His only verdict will be vengeance. You already know this and live in fear of what will happen when the curtain draws open. You already want those who are responsible to be held accountable because your hero will have been recast as a villain.

But put on a happy face, VY fans. Bush is a good guy. More importantly, he is about to become your good guy. He is electric. Mixing him in with this re-tooled offense ought to provide enough firepower to foil any plots devised by the Nashvillains.

So rekindle your hope for a happy ending. And for godsakes, don’t wear VY’s visitors jersey when he comes back each season.

  Reggie Bush   Casserly and Stephen Rea… seaparated at birth???

Houston prevails!

Keith Weiland applauds Charley Casserly’s work as Chief Inspector Finch in V for Vendetta.

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