Caution: Optimism

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September 8, 2007
Caution: Optimism

by Bob Hulsey

The Texans have raised our hopes before and then let us down so I’m not ready to turn cartwheels over adding Atlanta’s backup quarterback, a 30-year-old runner, a defensive tackle too young to buy a drink in some states and a bunch of cast-offs from other teams. That doesn’t seem like the way you go about making a quick turnaround.

Meanwhile, the offensive line that has been a national joke receives little attention and the safeties so easily abused on Sundays would have been left intact had it not been for the injury bug.

But my pessimism is tempered by seeing Matt Schaub toss the ball around with a purpose, with an exciting new receiver/returner from Lois Lane State Teachers College or whatever, with another year of maturing from 2006’s stellar draft class, leading me to believe there will be improvement from last year’s squad.

If head coach Gary Kubiak and friends could get six wins out of what they had last year, anywhere from seven to ten wins seems possible in 2007. The schedule seems easier this year, too. But we have no idea how injuries, bad bounces or mercurial ex-Longhorn quarterbacks will scuttle our best intentions.

Winners produce a swagger and I don’t see that swagger yet. We don’t know how fragile the team psyche may be until they face some tough sledding.

I won’t predict a .500 record for the Texans until they actually put one together. So, my official prediction is 7-9 but I hope for better.

Bob Hulsey has a Bachelor of Journalism degree, briefly worked in radio, and now labors for a major telecommunications company. He is still searching for a "regular life."

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