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February 17, 2003
Pop Quiz

by Bob Hulsey

You watched every game in Houston Texans history. You listened to the call-in shows. You followed every discussion thread about the Texans on the internet.

But how much did you really watch and how much of it spawned false impressions? Ready for a reality check? Take this little pop quiz to find out your Texan IQ:

1. The team leader in sacks last season was:
a. Gary Walker
b. Jamie Sharper
c. Jeff Posey
d. Kailee Wong

2. The team leader in kick return average was:
a. Jermaine Lewis
b. Avion Black
c. Jabar Gaffney
d. Aaron Glenn

3. The team leader in all-purpose yards was:
a. James Allen
b. Billy Miller
c. Corey Bradford
d. Jermaine Lewis

4. The team leader in receiving yards was:
a. Billy Miller
b. Corey Bradford
c. Jabar Gaffney
d. James Allen

5. The team co-leaders in rushing touchdowns were:
a. James Allen and Jonathan Wells
b. James Allen and David Carr
c, James Allen and Jarrod Baxter
d. Jonathan Wells and David Carr

6. The team’s best quarterback rating belonged to:
a. David Carr
b. Tony Banks
c. Jabar Gaffney
d. Chad Stanley

7. After Jamie Sharper and Jay Foreman, the player who finished third on the team in tackles was:
a. Kailee Wong
b. Matt Stevens
c. Gary Walker
d. Marcus Coleman

8. True or False: An overworked Texans defense gave up more points in the fourth quarter than any other period.

9. True or False: Thanks to all the rookies, the Texans had a huge disparity in penalty yardage.

10. True or False: The conservative Texan braintrust called more running plays than passing plays in 2002.

11. True or False: Texan opponents totaled almost twice the number of rushing first downs as Houston.

12. True or False: David Carr completed less than half of his passing attempts.

13. True or False: Over half of Kris Brown’s field goal attempts were from a distance of 40 yards or beyond.

14. True or False: The Texans’ defense held opposing rushers to an average of under 100 yards per game.

PENCILS DOWN! Let’s see how you did. (No peeking at these answers before you finish the quiz. You’re not in college anymore…)

1. c. Posey had eight sacks, 1-1/2 more than Walker.
2. b. Black had a higher average both in kickoff returns (22.0) and punt returns (13.4) than Lewis (20.9, 7.8 respectively).
3. d. Lewis had 1290 all-purpose yards, 1241 of them on kickoff and punt returns. Allen was second with 821.
4. b. Bradford had 697 receiving yards, even though he had less catches (45) than Miller or Allen.
5. d. Wells and Carr both had three rushing touchdowns. They were the only ones to score on the ground all season.
6. c. Gaffney completed one pass for a 39-yard score to give him a whopping 158.3 QB rating. He also threw a strike to Aaron Glenn on that key punt return in Jacksonville but that was considered a lateral so it doesn’t count. Carr’s QB rating was 62.8, third best on the team behind Gaffney and James Allen (95.8).
7. b. Stevens was credited with 83 total tackles, ahead of Coleman (72), Glenn (67) and Eric Brown (67). Walker was ninth (52) and Wong was tenth (44).
8. False. The Texans gave up more points in the second quarter (112) than they did in the fourth (102). Their best defensive quarter was the third (66).
9. False. While they were penalized more yards than their opponents (1011 to 955), the difference over a 16-game season was just 3.5 yards per game – an average of less than one false start.
10. False. There were 447 pass attempts compared to 424 rushing attempts.
11. True. Houston oppenents had 116 first downs through the ground while Houston had just 59.
12. False. Carr completed 52.5% of his passes (233 of 444) but if you add in his 76 sacks and assume they all began as passing plays, he’d be under 50% completion on total passing plays.
13. True. In fact, 13 of the 17 successful FG attempts that Brown had were from 40 yards or more, making him more valuable as a kicker than many of his counterparts. He had few chip shots.
14. False. Houston allowed over 130 rushing yards per game. They had the disadvantage of not playing against their own offense which averaged only 84.2 yards per game.

No need to rate yourself on these 14 questions. However, if you got all of them right without looking up the answers, I suggest you either apply for a coaching position or get out of the house more often.

Bob Hulsey gets out of the house more, if only to take out the garbage and check the mailbox. Jeff Posey Jeff Posey Home

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