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Offensive Line
Mike Pearson
Year: Junior
Height: 6’7″
Birthday: August 22, 1980

Strengths: Pearson’s tall and athletic and has all the tools necessary to emerge as a top pass protector in the NFL.

Steve Spurrier thinks so much of him that it was Pearson, and not eventual top-15 pick Kenyetta Walker, that manned left tackle for the pass-happy Gators the past two years. No wonder teammates have nicknamed him “Baby Boselli.”

Blessed with a tremendous wingspan and quick feet for a guy his size, Pearson can overpower an opponent, and drive them away from the ball. He gives inches begrudgingly. Coaches simply drool over his potential, and marvel at his work ethic. Consider, he fractured his skull last August, yet recovered ahead of schedule and in time to make Florida’s season opener on September 2.

A low-key, down-to-earth guy off the field, Pearson has a limitless upside. He also has experience at right tackle, meaning he’s versatile as well.

Areas of concern: Not many. He’s not a thick as you’d like your left tackles to be (he only weighs 292 pounds), but that’s easily corrected if need be.

If anything, Pearson’s one of those guys who does everything well and fundamentally sound, but nothing spectacular. He won’t awe you with his skills.

Is he sponge-worthy?: No question about it. Pearson plays left tackle on a team that likes to throw the ball a lot, and he’s been starting on a regular basis since his freshman year. Not only that, he lines up against another top prospect, DE Alex Brown, each day in practice and plays in one of the most competitive conferences in college football. In other words, this guy is ready to take the next step, and likely will be accomplished enough to start immediately in the NFL.

He doesn’t get near the ink Miami’s Bryant McKinnie does, but he’s just as good, and the scary thing is: he’s only a junior. Pearson’s nowhere near his ceiling.

A smart, athletic kid who’s well-behaved off the field, Pearson already has to rate as a top prospect for 2002. If he stays in school for his senior year, and continues to mature and improve, he could be a top of the draft pick in 2003. The Texans will definitely be interested.

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