J.P. Losman

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J.P. Losman
Year: Senior
Height: 6’3"
Weight: 220
Birthday: March 12, 1981

Strengths: J.P. Losman has nothing to lose. Not now. Not after Tulane wisely chose to stay the course with it’s Division I-A football program. For Losman, all he needs to do is run and gun his way to another winning season for the Green Wave, and he’ll be surfing a tidal wave of praise into the NFL.

Losman follows in the steps of some recent talented quarterback prospects out of Tulane, namely Shaun King and Patrick Ramsey, but Losman isn’t worried. Cocky and brash, he knows he brings something special to the turf. His unique combination of size, arm strength, mobility, and intelligence make him a hot commodity among scouts. The National scouting service rated Losman as their top senior quarterback, even higher than a certain Manning prodigy from Ole Miss.

Losman first hit the stage when he rotated into games with Ramsey, but he began raising eyebrows when he played an entire game in place of Ramsey against Army. Losman filled in admirably, tossing for 384 yards and three scores en route to being named Conference USA’s top freshman quarterback in 2000. Taking over full time for Ramsey in 2002, Losman had maybe his best game against Navy last season when he completed 25 of 35 passes for 329 yards and five touchdowns.

Heading into the 2003 season, Losman carries with him the lowest interception per attempt percentage in school history. With his deft feet and 4.6-speed, Losman is always able to throw on the run. He has matured his game to the point where he’s become more patient and reliable, careful to keep the ball away from the defense.

Areas for Concern: Following a grassroots-type of support to save the Tulane football program, all eyes will be on Losman during the 2003 season to see if he can keep the Green Wave fever running high. It’s a lot of pressure for a kid who bailed out of UCLA in the dogfight for the quarterbacking vacancy left by Cade McNown.

Losman is still learning how to be a good team leader, but he’s made strides over the past year. He’s quite a talker, and sometimes it seems he talks a little too much. Not lacking confidence, Losman might rub some people the wrong way. And despite all the good scouting reports heaved upon King and Ramsey, neither has yet to really establish himself as a rock steady passer in the NFL. Losman’s college stats pale in comparison to their stats, too.

How Would He Look in Steel Blue? It’s not likely to happen, but if Losman proves to be a leader, he probably would have fit the quarterback mold that the Texans were searching for two years ago: tough, strong-armed, and mobile. Losman is smart, and he has a good off-field work ethic in the classroom, weight room, and film room. His is a different style from Ramsey’s, but it should be just as attractive to NFL teams. As a probable first day (and possible first round) selection, don’t expect the Texans to give Losman much thought in the 2004 draft.

(profile written by Keith Weiland)

J.P. Losman’s 2002 Stats G ATT CMP % YDS TD INT 13 401 230 57.4 2,468 19 10 J.P. Losman J.P. Losman The War Room Return to The War Room Prospect Profiles

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