Nat Dorsey

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Offensive Tackle
Nat Dorsey
Georgia Tech
Year: Junior
Height: 6’6″
Weight: 335
Birthday: Septmeber 9, 1983

Strengths: This ain’t no Natty Light. Nat Dorsey is not watered down, and he doesn’t go down easy. He is a mammoth left tackle that might be poised for a great future once he’s eligible for the NFL draft.

Dorsey is a strong, powerful run blocker, one who helped open big lanes for Texan Tony Hollings as Hollings led the nation in rushing through the first four games. Dorsey is also a beast of a pass blocker to get around. His good feet and balance give him excellent lateral movement.

An all-conference first-team player as a freshman in 2001, Dorsey made a name for himself on Thursday night national television when he contained North Carolina’s Julius Peppers, limiting him to only two tackles and no sacks. Peppers couldn’t find a way around Dorsey, and when Peppers tried to bull-rush him, Dorsey buried him in the turf. As a sophomore, Dorsey again earned all-conference honors, this time as a second-team member behind Florida State’s senior Brett Williams.

Areas for Concern: Seems somewhat insignificant, but why the drop from first- to second-team? Dorsey struggled through most of his sophomore season with a bum shoulder. Hurt initially in the third game of the season against Clemson, Dorsey thought he knocked it out of socket, so he just tried to pop it back in. But when it happened again four games later, it was much worse. Missing two games, Dorsey learned that the joint was completely worn. He had surgery in the offseason and sat out of spring drills. He is expected to make a full recovery.

His head coach, Chan Gailey, has publicly called him out as being overweight. About twenty pounds heavier than when he first played as a freshman, Gailey would like to see Dorsey trimmed to about 315 pounds. On the field, Dorsey also needs to improve his concentration to minimize his foul starts and mental lapses.

How Does He Look in Steel Blue? First mention of a big left tackle having shoulder problems, and most of those associated with the Texans might have too many Tony Boselli flashbacks to even warrant proper consideration for Dorsey, a New Orleans native. If that’s the case, it would be a shame since Dorsey, when healthy, appears to be a complete prospect at left tackle prospect, and possibly worthy of a high first round pick.

With Hollings now in the fold, it would be nice to add Dorsey if he declares, pairing a couple top Jackets on the same NFL roster. If Seth Wand doesn’t appear ready to man David Carr’s blindside post-Boselli, then Dorsey makes for a very appealing alternative.

(profile written by Keith Weiland


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