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Demarcus Faggins
Defensive Back
Round 6, #173 overall
Height: 5’10”
College: Kansas State
Birthday: June 13, 1979
NFL Comparison: Deshea Townsend

Strengths: DeMarcus Faggins, who went to high school in Irving, returns home to Texas.

Faggins is a nickel corner who will lock on a receiver and stay with him. His leaping ability will make up for some of his lack of height against the bigger receivers he covers.

Faggins is a willing tackler and provides a little help in run support. He played his best game in 2001 against Texas Tech. Faggins made four solo tackles, deflected two passes, caused a fumble, and had two interceptions.

Areas of concern: Sure, he lacks prototype size and strength, but they all can’t be Charles Woodson in the sixth round. At times, Faggins has allowed too much cushion between him and his receiver, giving up many short yardage receptions. He lacks pure speed, but he can close, something he needed to do on more than a few occasions when he bit on the first move. Inconsistency is an issue.

He lost a lot of value in scouts’ eyes following a tough game against Texas A&M last season, which may have blown some of his confidence. Faggins only started one game out of four the rest of the season, and failed to make a tackle in his last three games.

2002 Expectations: Faggins will be around in dime situations. He is added nickel depth behind starters Aaron Glenn and Marcus Coleman and reserves Jacoby Shepard and Jason Simmons.

Priority one may be in rebuilding his confidence. Good coaching may give Faggins a shot at remaining on the Texans roster in the future.

YEAR G TAK TFL INT PD FC FR 2001 11 31 1 5 5 0 1 2000 13 19 1 0 8 0 0 TOTALS 24 50 2 5 13 0 1

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