Jarrod Baxter

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Jarrod Baxter
Round 5, #136 overall
Height: 6’1″
College: New Mexico
Birthday: March 9, 1979
NFL Comparison: Robert Holcombe

Strengths: Jarrod Baxter is a running back trapped inside a fullback’s body. He’s been the featured back in New Mexico’s offense the past two years, despite his lack of blazing, breakaway speed. Tough between the tackles, Baxter is wide, compact and very strong below the waist.

Though his blocking and receiving skills would have to rank as average, at best, Baxter has worked hard the past two years to improve in both areas and has shown great strides. That’s one of his biggest positives: Baxter is a tireless worker. He made the team as a walk-on and will leave it as one of its most successful offensive players in history.

Areas of concern: Baxter’s a bit of a tweener — not big enough to lead block, not quite fast enough to be the every down back in the NFL, despite his productivity in college.

He has trouble blocking on the move and difficulty picking up the blitz; he has big hands (Baxter rarely, if ever, fumbles), but hasn’t been used much as a receiver. He’s one of those backs that has to get situated and pointed upfield before he can start to accelerate, and he too often goes down after the first hit.

2002 Expectations: Baxter could possibly excel in an scheme that uses the fullback as a weapon, much like the West Coast offense.

He’s very strong between the tackles and the prototypical north/south runner; could be a force in short yardage and goaline situations next year.

Chris Palmer told ESPN the quality of his fullback would ultimately help to determine the type of offense he’ll run; in Baxter, he landed a versatile one that can do a little bit of everything, and will hopefully continue to improve as a blocker and receiver.

YEAR G ATT YDS YPC TD 2001 11 203 907 4.5 11 2000 12 138 559 4.1 4 1999 11 83 434 5.2 4 1998 12 38 190 5.0 0 TOTALS 46 462 2,090 4.5 19

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