Jacoby Jones

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Position: Wide Receiver
Drafted: Round 3, 73rd Overall
Height: 6’3"
Weight: 210
College: Lane College (Division II)
Birthdate: July 11, 1984
NFL Comparison: Marques Colston

Strengths: Jacoby Jones is the beneficiary of the Marques Colston effect. He comes from a small school, but has some of the tools to be a prototypical WCO wide receiver. The Texans are hoping that at his size, he will be able to break tackles and get yards after the catch (YPC) because his 4.5 speed is not above average.

Jones has a chip on his shoulder and all of the confidence in the world. Talking to him reminds of a Shannon Sharpe or Chad Johnson, because it’s hard to tell if he’s being serious about how good he is. Guys that talk the talk are generally very hard workers, in hopes they can walk the walk. More than likely, he will make his biggest impact on special teams during his rookie season.

Areas of Concern: Jones did not play against higher level competition during college. He did not necessarily look overmatched in the East-West Shrine game, but that’s still not quite the same as playing in the NFL on Sundays. Jones has small hands and some concentration lapses that cause him to fumble the football too often. His combine numbers were similar to Robert Meachem’s, except for the 40-yard dash, so he is not necessarily a deep threat.

2007 Expectations: Fans were uneasy about Andre Davis
and Kevin Walter as the #2 WR and coach Kubiak mentioned that he wanted to add another weapon. Matt Schaub probably will not remind too many people of John Elway, so the Texans will be relying upon a short passing game. Jacoby will most likely be used in the slot the same way the Colts used Dallas Clark last season. In addition, Jerome Mathis has proven to be unreliable in terms of staying healthy, so Jones could see plenty of time as a returner.

by Roy Pickett

YEAR G REC YDS YPC TD 2006 11 68 822 12.1 6 2005 10 50 587 11.7 3 2004 11 46 664 14.4 5 2003 11 36 677 18.8 7 TOTALS 43 200 2,750 13.8 21 Jacoby Jones Jacoby Jones Home

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