Fred Bennett

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Drafted: Round 4, 123rd Overall
Height: 6’1"
Weight: 196
College: South Carolina
Birthdate: December 31, 1983
NFL Comparison: Anthony Henry

Strengths: A hair under 6’1”, Fred Bennett will be the tallest cornerback on the Texan roster by at least a couple of inches. He’s a nice athlete with the speed (4.4) to run with most NFL receivers. Bennett breaks quickly when the ball is in the air and will fight to break passes up. He was a teammate of Dunta Robinson at South Carolina in 2003, and secondary coach Jon Hoke worked under Gamecock head coach Steve Spurrier at Florida, so the Texans should have ample insight on Bennett.

Areas of Concern: Nobody is going to confuse Bennett with Robinson when it comes to run support and tackling. He tends to be an arm-tackler and does not like to take on big backs. His coverage technique has some flaws that NFL wideouts will exploit, but those are fixable.

2007 Expectations: Bennett will be in the mix to play in nickel and dime situations, with an outside shot at competing for the starting right cornerback position. His size will make him an enticing option to match up against the bigger receivers that the Texans will face. He should also contribute on special teams.

by Warren DeLuca

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