Travis Johnson

The War Room | The Advance Scout The Armchair Quarterback GameDay Preview GameDay Review NFL Draft: The War Room Post Patterns: BBS Forum Quick Slant Upon Further Review Site Archives Staff Travis Johnson Position: Defensive Lineman
Drafted: Round 1, 16th Overall
Height: 6′ 3-1/2"
Weight: 298
College: Florida State
Birthdate: April 26, 1982
NFL Comparison: Corey Simon

Strengths: A quick burst is what stands out. Travis Johnson recorded ten sacks in his career as a Seminole. Dogged by injuries during his college career, Johnson stepped up as a senior to record 18 tackles for loss. He has long arms and a frame to add more weight. Johnson is strong enough to collapse the pocket or tie up blockers.

Areas of Concern: Injuries and character are the main questions. He was redshirted after suffering a sprained neck in 2000. Travis had left ankle surgery in 2001 and right shoulder surgery in 2003. He was also arrested in 2003 on sexual assault charges but was acquitted in a jury trial. Travis takes medication for Attention Deficit Disorder and has a reputation as a trash talker. Additionally, Johnson has been used mostly as an under tackle in a 4-3 scheme, making a transition to a 3-4 defense somewhat questionable.

2005 Expectations: Johnson doesn’t appear to have the skill set to play the nose tackle in a 3-4 and is better suited to defensive end. He will be added to the rotation with Gary Walker, Robaire Smith and Corey Sears at the defensive end spots.

by Bob Hulsey

YEAR G TAK TFL SACK FR FF 2004 12 50 18.0 2.5 1 1 2003 13 36 3.0 0.5 1 1 2002 14 50 13.5 4.0 1 3 2001 10 31 8.0 2.0 1 1 2000 2 8 1.0 1.0 0 0 TOTALS 51 175 43.5 10.0 4 6 Travis Johnson Travis Johnson Home

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