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Mock With Me
by Keith Weiland

Aye, another mock. Silly me. All that time spent on projecting the first 32 picks of the 2005 NFL Draft when I could have been… er, could have been… aw, hell, who am I kidding? I had nothing better to do.

I am a man of few rules, but I hold one near and dear to my heart this time of year: no mock draft trades. This exercise is wayward enough without making up some half-witted fake deals. That didn’t stop my brother in arms, Warren, from projecting a few trades in his mock though.

Alright, enough of the banter, and on with the silliness.

1. San Francisco: QB Alex Smith, Utah
I like him better than Aaron Rodgers. 49ers should, too.

2. Miami: RB Ronnie Brown, Auburn
Dolphins need a QB, but take a RB instead. Silly Saban.

3. Cleveland: WR Braylon Edwards, Michigan
Some much needed offense for the Orange Helmets named Browns.

4. Chicago: RB Cedric Benson, Texas
I think the Bears would be better off with a WR, though they could take Cadillac here instead.

5. Tampa Bay: QB Aaron Rodgers, Cal
Rodgers probably won’t slip out of the top 5, regardless of the team picking him.

6. Tennessee: CB Antrel Rolle, Miami
Bud’s team plays the Colts two times each year, too.

7. Minnesota: WR Troy Williamson, South Carolina
They’ll need to replace Randy Moss somehow. This guy has downfield speed to match with their possession guys.

8. Arizona: RB Carnell Williams, Auburn
Cards putting together a nice offense. Too bad no one cares.

9. Washington: CB Adam Jones, West Virginia
Could be Carlos Rogers, too. Pick ’em.

10. Detroit: LB Derrick Johnson, Texas
Lions get a playmaker for their defense.

11. Dallas: LB Demarcus Ware, Troy
Ugh… I could really see Shawne Merriman here just as easily.

12. San Diego: WR Mike Williams, USC
Mike’s goin’ back to Cali, to Cali, to Cali, goin’ back to Cali… yeah, I think so.

13. Houston: LB Shawne Merriman, Maryland
Pass rush gets an upgrade. Obvious passing downs won’t be the same with a combo of Babin, Peek, Wong and Merriman somewhere on the field.

14. Carolina: OT Alex Barron, Florida State
Would not surprise me one bit if this turned out to be Jammal Brown instead.

15. Kansas City: S/LB Thomas Davis, Georgia
Man alive, the Chiefs need some defense.

16. New Orleans: CB Carlos Rogers, Auburn
The next best corner here seems like a no brainer. Saints might have been the happiest when Texans acquired Phillip Buchanon.

17. Cincinnati: DE Erasmus James, Wisconsin
I think they might be better served with David Pollack, and I wasn’t the worst team of the 90s. So there.

18. Minnesota: DL Marcus Spears, LSU
Vikes bolster their defensive line with Spears. Not sure how much they like Pollack.

19. St. Louis: OT Jammal Brown, Oklahoma
Rams need a tackle to replace Kyle Turley.

20. Dallas: DE Shaun Cody, USC
Coach Parcells wants to beef up the defensive line.

21. Jacksonville: TE Heath Miller, Virginia
Jaguars doctors think this guy can get healthy. Jags doctors… what an oxymoron.

22. Baltimore: WR Mark Clayton, Oklahoma
Lucky Ravens have a big need at the position where the best player available plays.

23. Seattle: DE David Pollack, Georgia
The Seahawks get a motor on their line.

24. Green Bay: – CB Marlin Jackson, Michigan
I just see this as a good value here for the Pack.

25. Washington: WR Roddy White, Alabama-Birmingham
The Redskins need help at WR in a big way.

26. Oakland: CB Fabian Washington, Nebraska
Could opt for Justin Miller to replace Showtime.

27. Atlanta: OT Khalif Barnes, Washington
The Falcons are in need of a good tackle.

28. San Diego: S Brodney Pool, Oklahoma
Heartbreak hotel for the Chargers with the picks ahead of them.

29. Indianapolis: CB Justin Miller, Clemson
Colts obviously go defense here… maybe a D-lineman like Travis Johnson instead?

30. Pittsburgh: TE/WR Matt Jones, Arkansas
Ooh. The drama.

31. Philadelphia: DT Travis Johnson, Florida State
Eagles like the depth Johnson will bring here. Eagles fans hate it, of course.

32. New England: LB Barrett Ruud, Nebraska
A linebacker is the logical pick. Ruud’s a smart player for a smart team.

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