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Wide Receiver
Roy Williams
Year: Junior
Height: 6’4"
Weight: 210
Birthday: December 20, 1981

Strengths: Roy Williams is a freak of nature — very few people in the world have his combination of size, speed, and leaping ability. At 6’4" tall with an NBA-caliber vertical leap, the Odessa Permian High School product can get to almost any pass thrown in his general vicinity.

What really gives opposing cornerbacks insomnia though, is Williams’ speed. Williams is always a threat to blow a game open with a big play, as he has done throughout his career at Texas. Last November against Texas A&M, whose secondary featured a first-round pick in cornerback Sammy Davis and a second-rounder in safety Terrance Kiel, Williams scored on receptions of 38 and 75 yards. He finished the day with 149 yards on six catches (24.8 yards per reception). In the Cotton Bowl, he burned LSU with a 51-yard touchdown catch and a 39-yard touchdown run, totaling an efficient four catches for 142 yards (35.5 yards per reception). Williams single-handedly forced LSU to abandon its aggressive defensive gameplan in order to provide its secondary with more help in slowing him down.

Areas for Concern: Williams has been plagued by minor injuries, including bone spurs and various muscles pulls, throughout his career. He missed one game last season and was slowed in several others with a pulled hamstring. Despite all of his physical gifts, Williams lacks natural flexibility (he cannot touch his toes) so he is abnormally susceptible to pulls and strains. During the off season, Williams started every workout with an extensive stretching routine before every workout in hopes of boosting his durability.

Williams must also improve his attention to detail. He could stand to sharpen his focus to prevent the occasional dropped pass, run crisper routes, and put forth greater effort as a blocker.

How Would He Look in Steel Blue? According to rumor, Charley Casserly was disappointed last January when Williams announced that he would return to Austin for his senior season. Williams would have been right with Charles Rogers and Andre Johnson as the elite receivers in the 2003 draft, and he should be at the top in 2004. If the Texans were to somehow end up with Williams and Johnson, they would have two potential big play wideouts who could dominate opposing defenses with their imposing size and deep threat speed.

(profile written by Warren DeLuca)

Roy Williams’ 2002 Stats G CTH YDS AVG TD 12 64 1,142 17.8 12 Roy Williams Roy Williams The War Room Return to The War Room Prospect Profiles

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