Terrence Holt

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Free Safety
Terrence Holt
North Carolina State
Year: Senior
Height: 6’2"
Weight: 203
Birthday: March 5, 1980

Strengths: Move over Peyton and Eli Manning. You guys aren’t the only sibling duo to run roughshod over both the NFL and the NCAA. Torry and Terrence Holt need their space in the spotlight as well.

Terrence followed the footsteps of his wide receiver brother to NC State, and wasted no time shedding the "Torry’s little brother" label. As some Longhorn fans may recall early in the 1999 season, a certain redshirt freshman blocked two punts during an upset victory for the Wolfpack. Yes, this is that same guy.

Holt combines size with strength to make heads turn. Those two blocked punts in Austin were no fluke, either. Holt’s pigskin instincts helped him sniff out seven blocked field goals thus far into his college career. Four of those blocks were in 2001 alone, tying a national record set back in 1982.

Areas for Concern: While Holt may be a maven on special teams, his pass coverage is pedestrian. He is going to get dinged on draft boards because he lacks top speed. There is concern if Holt has the burst in his giddy-up needed to recover when burned in the NFL. Holt moved to strong safety last season after playing free safety in 2000. He will need to make the transition back to free safety at the NFL level.

The national scouting combine failed to list Holt among the top ten senior safeties available in the 2003 draft. What scouts should keep in mind, though, is that Holt is an example of player you can’t always measure with a couple of cones and a stopwatch.

How Would He Look in Steel Blue? Holt is the type of player who, like his brother, could be an instant fan favorite. Taking a cue from Torry, who now self-promotes his nickname "Big Game" as a means to pimp his line of sportswear, the younger Holt likes to talk smack with his opponents, hoping that a little taunting can give him an extra edge.

Don’t be fooled. Holt has a great attitude. If he continues to improve and post good speed in pre-draft workouts, Holt may yet edge himself into the second round this April.

(profile written by Keith Weiland)

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