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Ramon Walker
Round 5, #153 overall
Height: 5’11"
College: Pittsburgh
Birthday: November 8, 1979
NFL Comparison: Marcus Robertson

Strengths: Ramon Walker is an aggressive, playmaking safety who excels at stuffing the run at the line of scrimmage; an absolutely fearless, and fierce, tackler.

A three time All-Big East selection, the athletic Walker shows decent instincts, decent speed in bursts and a knack for being around the ball. In his 2001 bowl game, Walker recorded 15 tackles, forced two fumbles and broke up a pass.

His coverage skills are lacking, but he’s worked hard to improve upon them each and every year and coaches love his dedication to getting bigger and stronger in the weight room.

Areas of concern: Walker was told he had second round ability when he applied for early entry evaluation earlier this year… so why did he slip to round 5?

Great in run support, Walker could use work in coverage; he has decent instincts, he turns well but has trouble locating the ball and getting to it; Walker had only 2 career interceptions 29 games.

Walker lacks downfield speed, is a little too aggressive when tackling and has been known to get sucked in by fakes.

2002 Expectations: Safety is not one of Houston’s stronger positions, so Walker could likely challenge for a starting spot, likely at free safety.

At the very least, he should be a terror on special teams — the guy can flat-out hit, and loves to do it.

YEAR G TAK TFL INT PD FC FR 2001 11 120 3 1 5 1 1 2000 7 56 0 0 2 0 1 1999 11 131 5 1 7 1 3 TOTALS 29 307 8 2 14 2 5 Ramon Walker Ramon Walker The War Room Return to The War Room