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Chester Pitts
Offensive Tackle
Round 2, #50 overall
Height: 6’4"
College: San Diego State
Birthday: June 26, 1979
NFL Comparison: Wally Williams

Strengths: The Natural or the "Pitts"?

Chester Pitts didn’t play high school football because his school didn’t field a team. No matter. Pitts walked on at San Diego State, and the rest is history. Pitts has ideal size and a solid body head-to-toe. He has a good burst at the snap of the football, and he uses his hands surprisingly well.

Pitts is a fairly agile man for his size. He demonstrates good technique at times, despite his lack of experience. He only allowed one sack in his brief collegiate career, and that was way back in 2000. He has made significant strides over the past year, and is a fairly bright individual.

Pitts was also a third team All-American in 2001.

Areas of concern: His experience is in the shot put, not putting shots on defensive lineman. Pitts is a developmental pick, through and through. Though he has shown good technique at times, he’s still prone to mistakes and mental errors. Pitts also wears contact lenses.

Easily a pick that might have been available in a later round, Pitts will have time to learn on an expansion team. Consistency will be the biggest concern. Pitts will need to improve his reaction time in responding to stunts and blitzes.

2002 Expectations: Chester Pitts, meet Tony Boselli. Learn from him. Learn from Steve McKinney and Ryan Young, too. Pitts will be a left guard for this team, and he will be able to fill in at tackle, his position in college and at the Senior Bowl, in a pinch.

Pitts will begin life on the depth chart behind guards Matthew Campbell and Jeremy McKinney as a long-term project. A mid-second round pick though, expectations will be that Pitts supplants one of them by next season.

Pitts will also bear the weight of being Casserly’s first "reach" as GM for the Texans. Chester Pitts Chester Pitts The War Room Return to The War Room