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Ahmed Miller
Defensive Tackle
Round 7, #261 overall
April 10, 1978
NFL Comparison:
Leon Lett

Strengths: Ahmed Miller is a run stuffer who uses his ample upper body strength to fill gaps and push the pocket.

He has a knack for getting great leverage on offensive linemen and then using his strong hands to help shift control at the line of scrimmage. And he’s fast for a tackle; with excellent quickness and powerful bursts.

Areas of Concern: Miller’s raw and undisciplined and some have scoffed at his propensity for not making plays, or even giving 100% all the time. Statistics would seem to bear those complaints out.

Oft times, he gets lost trying to out-physical his man; almost as if he’s playing with a chip on his shoulder. That propensity sometimes takes him out of the action.

2002 Expectations: Come on — he’s the last pick in the draft…

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