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Howard Green
Defensive Tackle
Round 6, #190 overall
Louisiana State
January 12, 1979
NFL Comparison:
Grady Jackson

Strengths: Bulk.

Howard Green is big, plain and simple. The man will plug gaps for the Texans. Green will show good pursuit in attacking the quarterback. Good balance for a man of his girth, he will dance and spin to avoid grappling with offensive linemen.

Green’s talents will make him an effective nose in Houston’s scheme. He has also shown leadership tendencies in the past.

Areas of concern: Green needs to stay in shape, as (air) conditioning could be most important for Green this summer. Training camp in Houston’s humidity could be a tough one. Green may have taken plays off at LSU, possibly due to fatigue or his easy-going personality.

Green’s size at the college level was enough to overpower offensive lineman, but that won’t be the case in the NFL. Green applies his hands well, but he will need to effectively utilize them to get past stronger and smarter interior lineman in the NFL. Green is also an unspectacular tackler who does not play well in space.

2002 Expectations: Green will blend (figuratively) into the defensive line rotation. Dom Capers will use Green to keep Seth Payne and Gary Walker fresh. Green will learn his role in the 3-4 alongside fellow defensive line draftee, Charles Hill.

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