2004 Training Camp Photos

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2004 Training Camp Photos

August 9, 2004
For the second time since camp opened, the Texans worked out in front of fans. Warren and Keith were there to snap a couple photos. (click image to enlarge)

Seth Payne stretches with his teammates before practice. Time for some 40-yard jogs to get the blood flowing. Aaron Glenn prepares for scout team practice. Yard markers come out as the offense tries to get a first down. Seth Wand stays after practice for extra work on his pass blocking.


July 31, 2004
Photographer Ray Perez captures the first training camp practice with his camera, and HoustonProFootball.com is proud to share his exclusive photos with you.
(click image to enlarge)

Dunta Robinson looks forward to his first training camp action. Dom Capers discusses the upcoming practice with Marcus Coleman. Chad Stanley sports the ballcap to keep the sun out of his eyes. Sloan Thomas and Albert Johnson take a breather between plays. Coleman gets ready to make some noise at free safety. David Carr wishes he could cut his hair by week two. Andre Johnson shakes off some of the offseason rust. Billy Miller gets ready to mix it up some more on the practice field. Chris Palmer has a few words of encouragement for his quarterbacks. Carr readies to launch a rocket to a target downfield. Vontez Duff washes down some NFL water in his first camp workout. Steve McKinney bogarts the orange Gatorade. Marlon McCree takes a moment away from the action to drink some water. Carr and Johnson check in with each other after the morning’s workout. Robinson is stuck lugging Aaron Glenn’s pads back to the locker room. Carr talks about the morning practice with the ever-present media assembled. Jason Babin is all smiles after his first training camp workout is in the books. Carr shares a laugh with the media. Capers shares his thoughts with the media on the morning workout.

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