Groundbreaking Pictures

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Groundbreaking Pictures
On March 9, 2000, Houston’s NFL team broke ground on their brand new, state-of-the-art retractable roof stadium. Below are‘s exclusive photos of the historic event. (click image to enlarge)

NFL 2002 spared no expense for the groundbreaking ceremon Pat asks Steve Patterson an on-air question during Star610’s The Bench Bob McNair and Paul Tagliabue spend a few moments on The Bench Steve Patterson gives Ric a few minutes of his time The diggers ready their shovels The groundbreaking is official as several NFL and Houston dignitaries unearth a mound of dirt Ric goes Stone Phillips on Paul Tagliabue Bob McNair takes time to address Ric’s question regarding his use of the term Texans in his speech The most popular man in all of Houston. Also pictured: Bob McNair A beautiful 3D model of the future home of Houston’s NFL team

Groundbreaking Audio also managed to secure some choice audio clips from the event. (click on link to listen)

Ric shares a laugh with Steve Patterson (size: 541K)

Bob McNair is proud to be a Texan… (hint, hint, hint!) (286K)

John McClain of the Houston Chronicle of speculation over the team’s first-ever opponent (569K)

Ric grills NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue (447K)

Ric backs owner Bob McNair into a corner with his best Stone Phillips (467K)


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